Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60 Listens to You


While it may look like some kind of robotic, anime pet mouse, the device you see above is actually Sony’s forthcoming smart Bluetooth speaker, the BSP60. Obedient to voice commands and courteous enough to tell you what the weather is looking like every morning if you program it to do so, Sony has built this speaker to do more than play music. It servers multiple functions, acting as an alarm clock and handling your conference calls if you so desire. NFC one-touch allows you to stay as hands off as possible, provided you have an NFC compatible phone or tablet.

The official webpage for the Sony BSP60 Bluetooth speaker has a “register” button, ostensibly so you can sign up to find out more information about the speaker, such as an exact release date. Be warned, however; the actual registration page seems to suggest you’ll be signing up to receive considerably more information, about everything from new movies and music to “competitions” in the Xperia Lounge. So think twice about all that you’re actually looking to receive from Sony before you enter your email and click those check boxes.

Back to the speaker itself, one thing that’s a known (or at least has an estimate) is the price; $300. Seems a bit high, but if you want your speaker’s little illuminated mouse-ears to perk up whenever you say, “Ok speaker,” you have to be prepared to drop three bills.



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