“Tell Me, Do You Bleed?” – Batman v Superman Trailer (Official Trailer)


As I said earlier today, I’m a little late on updates from the past few days. I did manage to write about the trailer for the trailer for Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But, once a bootlegged version of the teaser hit the web, Snyder decided it was time to give everybody the real thing and released the full version, himself.


I will say, I was hype after watching this thing. The tone is significantly different from Man of Steel. Obviously most superhero movies are going darker a la The Dark Knight. But, until I saw this trailer, I kind of forgot that Zack Snyder is known for dark visuals and angry crowds and rain scenes and slow motion. I knew it would be a little more gritty than the original film, but I wasn’t expecting such a huge jump in tone from the first to the next. But, either way, I’m feeling the direction and I’m excited to see more. I wasn’t against the Ben Affleck casting, but I’m hoping now that the world has seen this thing, that the doubters are a little more on board. What are your thoughts? Does Ben look the part? Is Henry Cavill just swole for no reason? Did the Jeremy Irons’ as Alfred voice over not sound enough like Michael Caine? WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?