Smile! Jared Leto Pays Homage to The Killing Joke With Suicide Squad Photo


Suicide Squad director, David Ayer tweeted a photo from the first table read showing the final cast all in the same room. Noticeably absent, was our new Joker, Jared Leto. Was he on tour with Thirty Seconds to Mars? Nope. Ayer responded to these questions with a new tweet showing Leto channeling the clown prince as the man behind the camera.





This is obviously a reference to the classic graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke. So he’s got the green hair, his skin is pretty pasty, and I’m sure he has a couple red lipsticks in his pocket or man purse. And we already know he’s been working on his voice, so looks like Leto is ready to go full Joker on us and us fanboys couldn’t be more excited. The biggest question I have about this whole thing is, did Leto take the cast photo with that Nikon? Upload it to a laptop? Email it to David Ayer? Then have him save it to his camera roll? Then tweet it from his profile? Then repose for a photo pretending to take the original photo and repeat the entire photo transfer/tweet process? Because that’s what they’ll have you to believe.

Suicide Squad begins filming this month and set to hit theaters August 5, 2016.