New Daredevil Trailer is Here


The latest trailer for the Netflix / Marvel collaboration Daredevil is dark and not just thematically. If this trailer is any indication, they’re keeping the budget low by keeping the lights dim.  The series stars Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock aka Daredevil, Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin, and a legion of shadows as “What can we do to sorta hide the costume?”

This trailer begins with Kingpin assaulting a guy, shows us flashes of Murdock’s training at an early age, and gives us a few quick glimpses of the blind, baton-wielding vigilante in action. There’s lots of film noir-esque talk about “the city,” how it’s a part of people, how it’s changed, how it needs to be saved. I’m surprised there isn’t already a YouTube supercut out there of various film and television heroes and villains just saying variations of “the/this city.”

By the end of the trailer, we see Murdock face down and bloodied, but pushing himself up to continue fighting, a good, simple (and yes, still very dark) shot showing his vulnerability and resilience. That makes the closer that references Thor and Iron Man as a contrast to Daredevil’s relative “normalcy” redundant; though maybe it’s merely meant as a winking joke. Either way, it falls flat, but particularly if it’s the former. It’s not as if Daredevil doesn’t have any sort of superpowers, after all. That unknown crime boss needs to cut his henchmen some slack.

J. Compton is an author whose stories have appeared in Pseudopod, Arkham Tales, Fantasy Scroll Magazine and other publications. As co-host of the BNC he hopes you enjoy the site and only asks that you please remember to use coasters.