As a fan of the Bourne movies, my only disappointment in seeing the return of the series titular character after a one film hiatus is that the title–Jason Bourne–isn’t quite up to Bourne movie standards. I would have gone with The Bourne Returnity, or The Bourne Revenancy, or Get The Hell Out of Here, Jeremy Renner. But no one consulted me, so here we are.

The Jason Bourne trailer delivers on all of the Bourne action fans have come to love. We have exhilarating car chases that will no doubt generate think pieces about collateral damage of background characters. There’s a glimpse of Bourne watching someone who no doubt isn’t aware Bourne’s even in the same city, much less perched on a high-rise rooftop across the street. And, my favorite, a scene of Bourne beating up another expert combatant with a household object; this time around, it appears to be a wooden chair leg. The man could be fighting someone in an empty padded room and he’d figure out a way to bludgeon his opponent with wall cushions specifically designed to be bludgeon-proof.

Jason Bourne returns to theaters on July 29th.

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