THE BYE BYE MAN Trailer and Poster


Based on its trailer, the title character of The Bye Bye Man will compel you to do horrible, unforgivable things, such as give your horror movie a laughable title.

On the one hand, this movie features the incomparable Doug Jones in the role of the antagonist. On the other hand, that antagonist is called “The Bye Bye Man,” so I’m pretty sure you can just whoop his ass. That’s how the universe works; if your name is that risible you can be slapped around easily, even if you’re a vaguely understood incorporeal supernatural creature.

On the one hand, it comes to us from the producers of the very good, underrated Oculus, and the perfectly serviceable The Strangers. On the other hand, it’s the latest in a long line of movies determined to render the phrase “Based on True Events” meaningless. This would be more accurately described as “Based on a short story from a book titled The President’s Vampire which should tell you everything about how factual this story is.” (Dear producers of supernatural horror stories, you ain’t gotta lie to kick it. Sinister had this same general premise and managed to be financially successful without claiming to be a true story.)

On the one hand, a few moments in this trailer actually look somewhat promising. On the other hand, director Stacy Title’s last film was Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror.

And on the final, seventh hand, we have the poster below, which is one of the least interesting or intimidating horror movie posters you’ll see this year.

The-Bye-Bye-Man-poster“Don’t think it. Don’t say it.” Is this a movie about supernatural murder sprees or struggling to suppress saying anything about your waiter’s lazy eye? Because you can’t blame spiritual possession for rudeness. That’s just you being a dick.