Stephen Lang is an underrated treasure. After his turn in Avatar I expected him to be on deck for some bigger and better things than a failed Fox series and a bunch of other middling character work. If Stephen Lang is one of the best things going for your movie, that’s a great sign, but only if the filmmakers behind the movie recognize it. Based on the domestic and international trailers for Don’t Breathe, the director behind this film–Fede Alvarez– recognized it.

In Don’t Breathe, three criminal youths from Detroit, Straight Outta 8 Mile, decide to break into an old man’s house to steal his rumored small fortune. Unfortunately for the trio–comprised “Girl Who Wants More,” “Toolbag  McDick,” and “Quiet Friend With a Crush”–this old blind man is hiding something other than money, he’s willing to kill to protect it, and he’s basically evil, retired Daredevil. If you move, breathe, or blink too loud he will pinpoint your location and shoot you right damn dead.

The trailer above spoils that McDick doesn’t make it, leaving “Lady With a Heart of Dream” and “Lovesick But Worthless” somehow stuck in the blind man’s house while he boards up windows, turns out lights, and hunts the duo down. This looks like it has potential to be intense and terrifying, and most of that is thanks to Stephen Lang, who is more murder than man in this trailer.

The International Trailer below somehow spoils more and less of the movie’s story than the domestic trailer above, so watch it at your own risk. Don’t Breathe hits theaters on August 26th.

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