MondoTees Posters for SCREAM, THE CONJURING and More


Today, is releasing their remaining assortment of horror movie posters and pins from April’s Texas Frightmare Weekend. Included in the mix is a Lichtenstein-esque pop art take on Casey Becker’s dawning terror in Scream, a stark depiction of the floating chair scene from The Conjuring, a subtly clever Jaws poster, and an appropriately dreamlike, larger-than-life look at Freddy Krueger. See the gallery of images below, and keep an eye on the Mondo website and Twitter page to see when the posters are officially released, as there’s a limited quantity available, and they’re likely to go fast.

Update: As expected, some of these posters are already sold out. Specifically, the posters for ScreamJaws, and Nightmare on Elm Street are all gone, leaving The Conjuring and White Zombie as of the time of this update, noon on May 10th. I expect those last two will be sold out soon as well. If you’re one of the few who managed to scoop one these up, congratulations.

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