THE INFILTRATOR Trailer is Intense


Based on the true story of Federal Agent Robert Mazur, The Infiltrator features Bryan Cranston as a DEA Agent who plays a critical role in a dangerous sting operation targeting Pablo Escobar’s narcotics empire.

“Wow, Bryan Cranston’s playing a character destroying a drug empire? That’s weird, because in his most famous role he played a character who was building–“

Stop. Stop it right now. Do not make this comment or anything close to it on Facebook or Twitter or on YouTube or at the bar with your friends or anywhere at any time for any reason, even if it’s somehow the correct answer on Jeopardy when you’re a contestant. You’re not the first person who thought this, there’s nothing ironic about it, and if there was a legitimately funny joke to be made about it would have made it already.

So we’re clear there? We’re good? Good.

The Infiltrator comes to theaters on July 15th, and also stars John Leguizamo, Diane Kruger and Benjamin Bratt.

“Does it also star Dean Norris as the drug lord? Because, you see, Dean Norris once played the DEA agent opposite Bryan Cranston in–”

Damn it, what did I tell you earlier? What did I just say?

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