THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Trailer Looks Better Than You Would Think


The Magnificent Seven is a classic, but given that it’s a remake and is now 56-years-old, I don’t think it’s untouchable. I’ve also never bought into the idea that a remake somehow tarnishes the original film. If the remake is good enough, then it stands on its own. If it’s awful, it fades into obscurity. For instance, nobody brings up Gus van Sant’s pointless Psycho remake except to make the argument that I’m making now.

All of that said, I had zero faith that this first trailer for the update take on The Magnificent Trailer would even look decent, much less pretty good. Antoine Fuqua is a reasonably competent director, but he doesn’t make anything remarkable, and having him helm a remake to a classic doesn’t instill much faith. Nonetheless, he does well with action, and this trailer delivers action to spare. The cast is strong and diverse. Seeing Denzel Washington in the lead role makes me wish someone would cast him as Bass Reeves as suggested on Justified.

The Magnificent Seven is scheduled for release on September 23rd.

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