Based on a bestselling murder mystery thriller, The Girl on the Train has released its first official trailer today, and it looks quite murderous and mysterious indeed. Emily Blunt stars as Rachel, an alcoholic divorcee who finds herself embroiled in the disappearance of her ex-husband’s nanny, whom she claims to have seen from the train she takes home on the night of the woman’s disappearance. Rachel’s alcoholism leads to her having some “time missing” during the night in question, and by the end of the trailer she confesses that she’s afraid of herself, and what she might have done. Is Rachel a murderer? Is she covering for someone or harboring a secret? Does she even know what she did or didn’t do? Will slowed down versions of pop songs playing in the background of “serious” movie trailers ever, for the love of God, go out of style? The answer to at least a few of those questions should arrive along with The Girl on the Train‘s theatrical release on October 7th.

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