MAFIA III Trailer – “One Way Road”


Set to the cheerful, tonally dissonant background music of “Son of a Preacher Man,” the new story trailer for Mafia III lets potential players know what they’ll be fighting for in the franchise’s third installment. Instead of playing as a member of the infamous organization, you’ll be waging a one-man war against the Mafia, seeking revenge as a black Vietnam veteran in 1960’s New Orleans.

Lincoln Clay is shot multiple times and left for dead, but miraculously survives like a computerized Azie Faison, only he’s determined to use his new lease on life to try to dismantle the Italian mob and let its local leader know what it feels like to lose everything. The trailer plays out as a sort of “Black Rambo vs. Goodfellas“, which is a movie I would at least add to my list on Netflix before removing it eight months later because seriously, this list has once again gotten unwieldy, and I know I’m never going to actually watch this flick.

Mafia III is scheduled for release on October 7, 2016.

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