DOCTOR STRANGE Poster – “Sanctum Sanctorum”


Superman has the Fortress of Solitude, Batman has the Batcave, the X-Men have their mansion and Tony Stark has his tower. Less commonly known is Doctor Strange’s home and headquarters, Sanctum Sanctorum. A latin phrase that translates to “Holy of Holies,” Sanctum Sanctorum sounds about as subtle as the name Stephen Strange or the title of Sorcerer Supreme, so it fits the character rather well. But instead of being an ancient castle nestled in Mysterium Mountain or something equally apropos, it’s just a three-story townhouse located on the corner of Bleecker Street in New York City. Some Greenwich Village pizza delivery guy has probably walked right up to the front door of the Sanctum without even realizing he’s handing over a large pepperoni and extra cheese to the planet’s most powerful sorcerer.

The new Doctor Strange poster gives us Benedict Cumberbatch’s back as he stares through the ostentatious window of his humble Sanctum. Tomorrow night, we’ll get our first look at Strange in action as the movie’s trailer debuts on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

UPDATE: And with the release of the official Doctor Strange trailer has come a new official poster.Doctor-Strange-Official-Poster

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