These Mad Max: Fury Road Trailers Keep Getting Better


The previous Mad Max: Fury Roady trailer was short on story, but abundant with amazing spectacle. This latest trailer gives us a shred of what’s at stake in the newest film in the series, Fury Road, but doesn’t shortchange us on the extreme, unbelievable action. Each trailer has been stamped with a declaration that George Miller is a mastermind, and it’s hard to argue against that. As far as action films go, Miller is indeed a mastermind. A damn virtuoso, in fact. The convoy combat and chaos of The Road Warrior doesn’t just “hold up” decades later, it still outshines most car chases and action scenes you’ll see today. The titular Thunderdome was an incredibly creative take on one-on-one movie fights that, again, is still more inventive and more clever than most of the fight scenes to appear in the many, many movies to come out since it was released.

Now we have Fury Road, which looks so gloriously exhilirating there may be no worthy superlatives. I’ve watched it five times in a row already. I have every faith in this movie, and in George Miller’s brilliance. I need May 15th to get here tomorrow.