New Music: Tink – “Ratchet Commandments”


Chicago MC and Timbaland associate Tink has released her single “Ratchet Commandments.”

For a Timbaland production, it’s relatively minimal to begin with. But after a few bars to set the pace it picks up additional layers, as a Timbaland track is wont to do. The beat is catchy and strong, but remains unobtrusive, allowing Tink to take center stage with her vocals, both sung and rapped.

The subject matter here is well-worn, and exactly what you’d expect from the title. Think Lauryn Hill’s first verse on “Doo-Wop (That Thing)” only much more bluntly stated and aggravated.

Side note: I wasn’t sure we were still using the term “ratchet.” Aren’t we supposed to get a new slang upgrade every two-years at minimum? I know older stuff gets grandfathered in, but ratchet is new enough to have been replaced by now.

Okay, I’ve dodged it for a couple of paragraphs now, because I can’t believe I’m about to say this: Tink’s flow and command on “Ratchet Commandments” brings to mind Mos Def (both the singing and the rapping–verses and hooks) with a pinch of Nas. Holy shit, I really just wrote that. Lyrically she’s adept and delivers her verses deftly. The hook is nothing special. “Every night doing the most up on Instagram” is a throwaway line that has potential to date this track down the road. Then again, it’s just a hook; it serves it purpose. The verses are the showcase. Tink doesn’t disappoint.

You can stream “Ratchet Commandments” online, or pick it up through your preferred music service.

J. Compton is an author whose stories have appeared in Pseudopod, Arkham Tales, Fantasy Scroll Magazine and other publications. As co-host of the BNC he hopes you enjoy the site and only asks that you please remember to use coasters.