New Community Season 6 Trailer is Here

Community season 6 Age of Yahoo

In case any fans were still paranoid that Community’s sixth season would somehow be pre-canceled, Yahoo has released a trailer that should eliminate all doubts. Community is back with an Age of Ultron inspired trailer and the gang’s all here! Scratch that, the gang is partly here. Donald Glover left last season, and Yvette Nicole Brown won’t be returning for season 6, unfortunately. But to make up for it, Paget Brewster is back for the full season, and the incomparable, ridiculously versatile Keith David–actor and voice of aliens, gargoyles, and the entire United States Navy–has joined the cast. His comment that he has “a brain the size of Jupiter” is already equal parts hilarious and disturbing. Is he playing a supervillain? Is he portraying the new origin story of Mr. Glass in a stealth Unbreakable reboot? Finally, rounding out the cast are Joel McHale’s shoulders, which have grown large enough to replace four Donald Glover’s by now. Pretty soon he’ll have to change his name to Swole Mchale.

Watch the trailer for Community season 6 below, and remember to change your online campaign slogans to #AndaMovie #AndaSequel

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