AMPL Smart Backpack Charges Everything


I choose to believe that the inception of the AMPL smart backpack happened like this:

A man stands in an airport, avoided by most others, save for his business partner who knows to keep a generous distance in moments such as this. The man looks at lifeless electronics in his hands and on the table before him. Personal cell phone: dead. Business cell phone: dead. Tablet and laptop as well. All powerless. Joyless, sneering, he chuckles to himself and says, “I want to charge everything.”

“What do you mean ‘everything’?” his partner says.

The man turns, madness overflowing in his eyes, and makes his intent clear…


“Oh, so you mean literally,” the partner says. And so was born the idea for the AMPL Smartbag.

Now in its waning days of fundraising on indiegogo, there is still time for you to make a contribution that doubles as a purchase of your own bag (at a reasonable markdown from the anticipated retail price), which is on a timetable to be mass produced and released in September. The only problem I see here is that this fundraising effort didn’t arrive soon enough for this to be the only thing I asked for this Christmas. With six charging ports that can be rooted through any pocket, and optional battery boosters for your laptop and tablet, the AMPL Smartbag can store enough juice to charge three phones, a tablet and two laptops–or some other equivalent combination of devices–based on the “Configurations” chart on its indiegogo page.

With other such backpacks already on the market, some priced higher and others lower, AMPL is set on having theirs be the “Smartest” and most customizable to meet different needs and budgets. As mentioned before, optional battery boosts can be purchased by those with the need for extra power (said optional batteries can also be detached from the bag to be used as standalone chargers). Or you can cop the base version if all you want from the backpack is enough charge to replenish your phone(s) multiple times over. Speaking of phones, the AMPL backpack comes with a smartphone app that lets you monitor battery levels, among other things, and can even send you an alert in case you accidentally leave the bag (along with, presumably, all of its precious, precious contents) behind.

There are nine days left for anyone who is interested to reserve an AMPL Smartbag through indiegogo.