People in London are Camping Out for the Yeezy Boost

Yeezy Boost

Kanye West has said he wants to be the Steve Jobs of fashion (well, of the Gap more specifically, for some reason). Jobs turned Apple products into must-have items that people were so desperate to have that they would camp out days in advance to purchase them. With the Yeezy Boost, Kanye can apparently check at least one item off his list of “things to do that Steve Jobs did,” because some Londoners have already posted up outside the adidas store to get Kanye’s newest footwear offering.

The Yeezy Boost releases worldwide this Saturday, February 28th, though they were made available in a limited release during New York Fashion Week, and were also available exclusively on the adidas website this past Saturday. Both limited releases saw the shoes sell out promptly. The resell prices online are in four-figure range, so the demand is evident. Kanye has come out and said he wasn’t exactly in favor of the limited release adidas went with–wanting the shoes to be available to as many people who want them, as soon as they want them–but it’s hard to argue with the results of the adidas campaign. If what’s happening outside the adidas flagship in London is a sign of things to come, then the release of the Yeezy Boost will reach “event” status, which bodes well for the eventual release of a black version of the shoe, as well as, of course, next year’s by now inevitable release. Early issues with the zipper apparently either haven’t reached that many people, or haven’t dissuaded very many interested fans, suggesting the Boost might be approaching “critic-proof” levels with devotees.

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