Nike Classic Cortez “Forrest Gumps” Are Back

Nike Cortez Classic

The Nike Classic Cortez came out in 1972, designed as a functional track shoe. While already popular, their immortality was cemented when they became the running shoe of choice for one Forrest Gump in the movie based on the true life story1 of a man who overcame childhood disability, saved lives, became a millionaire in multiple industries, and owed it all to a nice pair of sweet, red, white and blue Nikes.

While you could cop a pair of Nike Classic Cortez through assorted outlets online before, they are set to officially relaunch and be available through the Nike website, selling at $100. Nike is marking this re-release of the Classic Cortez as a “[celebration] of its legendary 43-year journey,” which seems like an odd anniversary to celebrate. It’s like randomly deciding to do a big Vegas trip for your 43rd birthday when you’ve only ever had quiet, close-knit kickbacks to celebrate before. Is the Cortez suffering a mid-life crisis? Did it just go through a rough break-up?

Whatever the case, the relaunch date for the Classic Cortez is February 28th. So if you’re not willing to wait in line outside of an adidas store to get the Yeezy Boosts, or only want to spend about a third of the price, you can always cop some “old is the new ‘new'” Nikes this Saturday instead. If anyone tries criticize your selection because your shoes aren’t the official footwear of a Grammy winner, remind them that the Classic Cortez is the official footwear of running across the entire country twice just because you feel like it. You win.


  1. Not a true story. Why would you believe this?
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