Wayward Pines Trailer: “How do I get out of here…”


Fox’s upcoming series Wayward Pines has, initially, a very slight Twin Peaks feel, with a dash of Under the Dome. We can only hope it’s much closer to the former in terms of quality. As the 90-second trailer above shows as it progresses, however, this show isn’t looking to deliver Lynch-ian levels of weirdness.

This is a story that’s been told before, but I’m struggling to think of a time it’s been told with such a strong cast. Just in time for the Oscars, this trailer helpfully reminds us that this cast features three Academy Award Nominees and one winner. And also Carla Gugino, who hasn’t been individually nominated for any significant acting award, but she was in an episode of Justified once, which makes her a winner in her own way. Or should I say “Wynn”-er? I shouldn’t.

Based on Blake Crouch’s book Pines (be mindful of Googling anything about the book if you’re looking preserve the mystery) Wayward Pines stars Matt Dillon as a man who finds himself in the titular Idaho town which appears to be governed by genially menacing Sheriff Terrence Howard. Soon enough he finds the answer to the question of, “How do I get out of here?” is, “You don’t.”

Being forced to stay in this seemingly idyllic community wouldn’t be quite so bad were it not for the strange rules, Stepford level of obedience, constant surveillance and murders (hence “seemingly”). Today’s trailer leaves it tantalizing unclear as to what exactly is happening in the town of “Wayward Pines,” but it makes for a good teaser. If you’re anything like me, you can’t wait to see a little bit more of what this show will have to offer.

Of course, if you really can’t wait to see more of the show, you can always view the trailer below, which was released through a German YouTube site last May. It’s about twice as long which gives it plenty of time to reveal a few more critical details that the teaser up top went out of its way to conceal. That includes a pretty big reveal in the final shot. So indulge in your curiosity at your own risk.

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