“District 9” Director to Helm Alien Sequel


Earlier this year, Chappie director, Neil Blomkamp released a bunch of concept art from what appeared to be a “just for fun” Alien sequel project he had been working on. It turns out that 20th Century Fox digs the idea, and Blomkamp is officially confirmed to direct.

No details on the story, but we do know it’ll take place after the events of a Prometheus sequel. So before you get excited about the potential of an Aliens film directed by Neil Blomkamp, you have to wait until after a “my bad, I ruined the prequel” sequel directed by Ridley Scott. But, who knows. Scott may redeem himself next time around, and Blomkamp has already proven that he can handle this genre beautifully. Judging from District 9, we know the new sequel will be a great science fiction film with flawless visual effects, and judging from Chappie, we know the new sequel could possibly have a terrible title.