Forgive the name truncation in the title of this post: the full name of this watch is the Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Solar Impulse Limited Edition.

Dubbed “the pilot’s choice” on its official website, the X-33 is inspired by a solar powered plane designed to be the first of its kind to circumnavigate the globe. So when they’re speaking of pilots, they don’t perhaps mean the kind in the cockpit for Delta or United (no slight to those gentlemen), but the kind who have an adventurous Rutan and Yeager streak in them.

x-33-solar-impulse-watchThat inspiration probably explains the watch’s design; fast and functional. Combining an analogue display with a digital one might seem redundant, and the watch hands are a bit invisible on first glance. The more I look at it, though, the more I appreciate the intent, and the more I actually like the look of it. I’m not wholly sold on the Nato strap–even though I dig the blue and green color scheme–particularly given the $5,200 price tag. A decent chunk of that is no doubt due to the “Limited Edition” nature of the piece; such is life. Even so, the watch plays. It’s confident, lean and light, but with a little muscle.

Keeping with themed-watches, but on the other end of the price spectrum…

J. Crew Brings Back the Bulova Air Warden Watch

Bulova’s watches were a hit in the 1940’s, and the Bulova support of the Allied war effort went beyond providing time pieces for commercial and military use. After the war, the Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking was opened to teach disabled veterans a trade. Have I mentioned yet today that there’s nothing cooler than being great to people and helping to save the world? Well here’s your daily mention of that.

I’m on board with Bulova watches, and so is J. Crew, as they’re partnering with Bulova to bring back their simple, dignified Air Warden watch. Below you can see the modern update (on your left) compared to its 1943 counterpart.


The strap is now canvas and leather, and we’re seeing day versus night in terms of the face colors, but the fidelity is otherwise evident, including the 60-second sub-dial. Also similar to the original Air Warden, it’s a match of quality and affordability. The new edition Bulova is available for $199 on the J.Crew website now, and in stores soon.

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