Bates Motel Season 3 Promo: “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes”


One of the more interesting surprises to come to television in the past few years is “Bates Motel.” While it hasn’t set the world on fire, either with universal critical raves or with monumental ratings, it has been a very strong performer for A&E, and has received its share of acclaim and award nominations. By now it’s safe to say that it’s avoided becoming the flat out disaster that a Psycho prequel has every right to be. It doesn’t hurt that Vera Farmiga can act her ass off, her brains out, herself senseless, and so on.

Today A&E has released a promo for Season 3, which you can view above. Nothing too surprising to see here. Norman’s psychosis and Oedipal feelings continue leading him down the path to murdering his mother and adopting her personality. For established fans, it’s a promise of more of the same, only escalated. For those looking to get on board, it’s a look at what you’ve been missing; half thriller, half contemporary Gothic.

Lest anyone think that this prequel is going to rewrite the canon established by Bloch and Hitchcock all those years ago, Norma outright screams, “You’re going to kill me,” at her son in this teaser, which is backed by a spare, elegiac cover of “Enjoy the Silence.” She is, presumably, speaking figuratively, and won’t actually die this season, unless they plan to bring Farmiga back as one of Norman’s hallucinations for the entirety of season 4. But her specifically stating that Norman is going to kill her is a sufficient reminder of where this is destined to lead. Which makes the trailer’s outright declaration that this season Norman will “become the son he was always meant to be” a bit redundant.

The season 3 premiere of “Bates Motel” is March 9th. Be patient, and try not to go even a little mad before then. No, not even some of the time.

"Psycho" you say? I'd have never guessed.
“Psycho” you say? I’d have never guessed.
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