Cold Body – Warm Heart: See the First Four Minutes of “Warm...

Cold Body – Warm Heart: See the First Four Minutes of “Warm Bodies”

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Warm BodiesZombies are in. Supernatural teen romance is in. Comedy never dies. So the premise to Warm Bodies seems like it was destined for profit. A zombie meets a girl who provides him the spark that makes him try to reclaim his humanity. Now we have… well, a surprisingly reserved opening four minutes to the upcoming rom-zom-com Warm Bodies. It’s light on laughs, action, romance or anything outside of plentiful narrative exposition, but the “bonies” look creepy and interesting, and the “Don’t pick at it,” line is mildly amusing, except now that I’ve spoiled it for you it probably loses whatever amusement potential it had. Also, Rob Cordry as a best friend! He can be funny even as a zombie with insanely limited dialogue, right? I’m sure.


Okay, so this was a considerably more drab opening four minutes than I would have expected. But it’s not Twilight dreary and even seems kind of thoughtful. A zombie movie with brains, if you will. Or if you won’t. Which you shouldn’t.

Warm Bodies comes to theaters on February 1st,.