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Texas Chainsaw 3D Trailer Isn’t As Cool As the Poster

The poster for the “true” Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel debuted a few weeks ago out of nowhere and now we have a first look at the trailer. And I’m not sure if it’s too early to judge this film, but this trailer is very unimpressive. Usually the trailers for scary movies are supposed to know…scary and illicit some sort of “Woahhh” when the trailer ends. But, all this got from me was a “Meh”. I could probably take my goddaughters to see this and just tell them not to repeat any of the bad language they hear. The idea for this trailer was better than how it was, actually, executed. They play some slow, but non threatening sounding folk song that’s supposed to contrast with what’s happening in the movie. They flash some scenes of iconic images from the original films like the mask and the chainsaw and we’re supposed to get all hyped up like we’re looking at Luke rebuilding his lightsaber. But, the trailer just doesn’t go anywhere or do anything.

The poster got me hyped about this sequel. I, already, enjoyed the last two Chainsaw films that were released and I thought this one could only be better or just as good. But this just looks like an MTV original series based on the Chainsaw franchise. Cue Trey Songz, please.

Maybe they’ll do better on the next full trailer. What do you think?

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