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Sleeping Dogs Launch Trailer – “What Makes a Good Man?”

I never was that much of a GTA guy, much less a fan of the “GTA clones.” Nonetheless, I’m increasingly intrigued by Sleeping Dogs, the upcoming open-world crime drama game from Square Enix. As a semi-reformed Hong Kong crime thriller junkie,  how could I not be enticed by a game that looks like Grand Theft Infernal Affairs with explosions? The trailer below features bullets, strippers, speedboats, gangsters, and myriad other things that seem to be adding up to “a hell of a lot of entertainment.” It also has an interesting, spot-on choice for background music, a song that asks us “What makes a good man?” Then we see a shot of a guy being roasted alive in an open fire. Would it be too much of a stretch for me to make an “It’s a cookbook” joke?

Here’s hoping the gameplay lives up to the potential. Don’t let me down Square…  is what the 1950’s bully said to the nerd who he was forcing to do his homework.

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J. Compton is a horror author whose stories have appeared in Pseudopod, Arkham Tales and other publications. He is co-creator of the BNC, and a generally cool dude.

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