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Once You See Him, Nothing Can Save You. Sinister – Official Trailer

You sorta go in thinking Sinister will be another standard “let’s move into the old house of a murdered family” horror story, but right away you get a “The following preview is Rated-R” disclaimer followed by a scene of a single, scary box in an empty attic that has an old 8mm camera with film reels. So, it didn’t take long before I was starting to wish I had my blanky.

Then the trailer goes into the story a little more and I don’t wanna give away too much but the line “..consumes the souls of human children” was used. Excuse me? Is there a faster way to close your internet browser than clicking on the “X”? I’ve heard and seen enough to freak me out to the point of calling Ghostbusters. I mean they give you their phone number in the original film. 555 something right?

Anyway, this movie has an R rating, old film strips, creepy kids, and Ethan Hawke, who by the way, doesn’t seem to age. It’s like his facial hair is some sort of mutation that constantly supplies him with regenerated cells. And he already has a pretty cool X-Men name. I’m gonna do some digging. Find out how long he’s really been in the movie bizz.


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