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You Have the Right to Remain Cool

From the Creator of Family Guy -Ted (Red Band Trailer)

OK,if I’m a movie executive, and somebody gave a pitch for a comedy that started off with “Mark Wahlberg’s best friend is a foul mouthed teddy bear from his childhood..”, I’m giving that guy a “we’ll take it”, like a 10 year movie deal, my netflix password, and the phone number to one of my “automatics”. Because that idea would have made my day.
Ted stars Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis as two love birds who live with Wahlberg’s crude teddy bear best bud. And the teddy bear is voiced by Seth MacFarlane. So, there’s plenty of hilarity, swear words, and hopefully a cameo from Christopher Plummer as Buzz Killington.

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Crush Grooves is a music producer and co-owner of the BNC. Also, he's tall.

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