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Wrath of the Titans – Official Trailer

The latest remake prequel or requels, as I regret ever coining, is Wrath of the Titans. It’s a sequel to the Clash of the Titans remake starring Sam Worthington as a buzzed cut Perseus who rides a Black Pegasus. Sorry. Those just seemed like unnecessary changes. Anyway, they made the hair more current for the time period in the sequel and I already miss the buzz cut.  Perseus has to save man from alot more monsters this time. I hope he uses mega hold.

This is one of those movies that deserved a sequel, even though the previous film wasn’t all that great. Like the Chronicles of Riddick or Jumper. I’d really like to see another Jumper film. The idea was cool and it ended with Hayden Christensen meeting his sister, Kristen Stewart. I’m surprised she didn’t accidentally bite her lip off the first time she jumped.

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  1. Jumper 2! Oh yes! I’d like to see that too. The first movie wasn’t a complete failure. It’s just that it was more of an intro but it did leave me wanting more. I think a sequel would be good especially if they use more of what is in the books along with what they added. The second book happens 10 years later so it’s not like the second movie has to take up exactly where the first one left off. The characters would be older.

  2. BTW I liked Clash of the Titans. Even though it was a remake, I thought it was a good remake and enough time had passed for it to be fresh to me. I didn’t see it in theaters because of critics. When I finally saw it on cable, I was sorry I didn’t see it in a theater. Next time I won’t read the critics before going to see something that interests me.

  3. Nah it wasnt too bad at all. I enjoyed it. I do think I missed out on seeing it at the theater.

  4. I also have wanted very badly to see a JUMPER II, it’s such an interesting story and with so many things ‘open-ended’ on the original, it really gives you great ideas as to what transpires. I agree that the original movie left you wanting more, it’s just geared that way. Besides, who doesn’t want to look at that dreamy guy, Hayden Christensen, and let’s face it Jamie Bell, Rachel Bilson and Samuel L. Jackson ain’t bad either! LOVE, love, love them all! I DO hope this does eventually happen. It would be wonderful to see WHY the father went to drinking after his wife left when his boy was only five and what happens with the Mother, who obviously, has a higher ‘rank’ of some kind than the Samuel L. Jackson character has, thus the anst he has with her protection of David.

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