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The New Ultimate Spider-Man Is Revealed

From Geektyrant:

Since the death of Peter Parker in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic series, someone had to fill his spandex and amazing, technologically advanced web shooters. And now, Marvel has revealed Parker’s successor.

He is a half-black, half-hispanic teenager named Miles Morales. His origin story will be revealed when the new series premieres in September. The main reason I’m even writing about this is because when I saw half-black, half-hispanic, I really felt great pride because I, myself, am both. For the first time, if my parents ever tell me I can be anything I wanna be, it will, literally, be true. I can be a half-black, half hispanic Spider-Man. Marvel has paved the way and opened up the doors for us, mixed folk, who’ve always wanted a black and hispanic superhero we can aspire to be like. Because let’s face it, Captain Deshaun Leguizamo wasn’t much of a superhero. He was just a bad stereotype and his only “power” was he was good at basketball and street fighting.

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