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Madden NFL 12 Debut Trailer and Gameplay Trailer

It’s NFL Draft time, which means that it’s time for EA to start dropping footage of the next edition in the Madden series. Here’s the debut trailer and, surprise surprise, it looks a hell of a lot like last year’s game, and the previous years game, except now there are new, more authentic pre-game introductions. Just what we’ve been waiting for!

Okay, so there is also a gameplay trailer out as well, promising new collisions, new defensive coverages and new ball physics. None of which is particularly evident in the video, but if they say it’s in the game, then it must be in the game, right? I mean hell, that almost sounds like a slogan or something.

I don’t mean to sound like a typical anti-EA / anti-Madden gamer you can find overrepresented on any gaming board on the web. But I am a firm believer in only buying Madden every other year. The difference between Madden 11 and Madden 12 is likely akin to the difference between regular DiGiorno pizza, and new DiGiorno Pizza & Cookies. Sure it has new features, but are they new features that anybody actually wants or was asking for?

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