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‘Sucker Punch’ Gets Sucker-Punched by ‘Wimpy Kid’

I haven’t done a box-office recap in so long that most people who read the site now probably don’t even know that such a feature ever existed, but here I am presented with a headline opportunity I simply couldn’t pass up. Of course, I’m sure several other hacky journalist types have already ran with the exact same joke headline today, but at least I’m willing to acknowledge how bad the joke is in a self-deprecating way that makes it a bit more tolerable, perhaps even endearing, right? Right?

So, this weekend Zack Snyder’s heavily advertised sci-fi, dreamworld, CGI-laden geek-fantasy flick Sucker Punch debuted on 3,900 screens and amassed a disappointing $19 million at the box office. That figure includes inflated ticket prices for 3D showings. In contrast, the sci-fi action flick Battle: Los Angeles opened with $35 million, despite its dearth of giant, gatling-gun wielding robot samurai.

How did this fail?

If Sucker Punch ends up facing the typical 50-60% drop off in business that a lot of films of its ilk face in their second weekend, it’s will be doomed to domestic box office failure.

This is not a good look for Zack Snyder, who is now dealing with a 3-film losing streak with Watchmen, Legend of the Guardians and now Sucker Punch all underperforming considerably at the box office. I find myself rapidly losing faith in his Superman movie, and I’m starting to wonder if “guy behind the guy” Chris Nolan needs to step in and take over completely on some Pat Riley sh*t.

Meanwhile, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules was the surprise winner of the weekend, pulling in an estimated $24 million. I don’t know anything about the Wimpy Kid franchise other than the fact that it’s based on a successful series of young adult books and has a title that makes me wonder how it managed to become so popular. Apparently it’s funny and charming and whatnot. I have a feeling that if I had asked my parents to buy me a book titled Diary of a Wimpy Kid when I was younger they would have made me run wind-sprints in the middle of our street until my shins cracked, and then tied me down and force-fed me pages of Heinlein novels. Or not. I guess it’s something I’m not meant to understand, considering I grew up in a generation full of adolescent nutcases who voted to murder Batman’s sidekick because he was somewhat whiny and irascible.

Anyway, congrats to Wimpy Kid on playing VCU to Sucker Punch’s Kansas. Here’s hoping it holds on well enough in its second week to keep the dreadful looking Hop from topping the box office.

Next week’s topic: What the hell is James Marsden doing with his life?

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  1. I loved Wimp Kid and Rango the best..Who sings this freakin song on the Rango Music video??

  2. Wimpy Kid is pretty funny. At least the books are. Not really sure about Rango. I like my animated desert comedies to have Speedy Gonzales in them

  3. Rango was speedy Gonzales on acid… If you liked Hunter S. WILL like Rango.

  4. Nah Im sure it is. I gotta see it. I’d watch the CBS network if Johnny Depp was involved somehow. That dude is awesome

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