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NCAA Tournament Kicks Off With Four Games Nobody Cares About

It’s tournament time, and with the field expanded now to 68 teams the NCAA has eliminated the “play-in” game of recent years in favor of a bloated first round featuring four opening games that college basketball fans can’t wait to stop watching so we can see the actual tournament.

Last night had North Carolina Asheville defeat Arkansas Little Rock in a game to see who would get the right to move on and lose to Pittsburgh in the real first round. Clemson beat UAB to claim the #12 seed in the East bracket.

Tonight, two more potential #16 seeds play (seriously, we’re at a point where we have two games featuring two potential #16 seeds; how is this a good idea?) with my hometown UTSA Roadrunners taking their terrible mascot name up against Alabama State. Winner gets Ohio State in the real first round, so locally UTSA is trying to sell San Antonians on the idea that since this isn’t technically a “play-in” game, this could potentially be the school’s first ever tournament win. Which is just… unspeakably sad.

Things wrap up with USC vs. Virginia Commonwealth, the latter being a team that most analysts don’t even think should be in the tournament at all, much less competing for an illustrious #11 seed.

The games are available to watch on TruTV, which should give you an idea of approximately how important these games actually are.

The tournament actually begins on Thursday, like it always has.

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