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Back to the Future: The Game – The Trailer

Back to the Future: The Game is the unofficial sequel to the third movie. Doc’s still in the past and still voiced by Christopher Lloyd who sounds like he’s doing an impression of himself. The DeLorean mysteriously shows up in the present, minus the Doc, and Marty knows he’s in trouble… again… and so he has to go back in time. Again. Apparently this is the beginning of a 5-part “epic” storyline that will no doubt see the guys going into the past, the future and possibly undoing the whole of reality due to their wacky time-leaping hijinks. So… how long until the “gritty” Back to the Future remake starring Chris Evans as “Martin” McFly–college student by day, hitman by night–with the DeLorean replaced by a Dodge Charger?

Check out the Back to the Future: The Game trailer below.

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