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Drive Angry 3D Official Trailer

I was all set to make the expected jokes and snide comments about this movie. Nicolas Cage’s hair is as silly as ever. The premise sounds like a discarded idea for one of the Grindhouse fake movie trailers. It’s yet another film brought to us in wildly unnecessary 3D. Cage’s last “supernatural motorist from hell” movie kinda sorta completely sucked. The sum of its parts is supposed to add up to “lame,” but via some cinematic magic, the trailer for Drive Angry 3D actually looks somewhat fun. I think the presence of William Fichtner as the Devil’s “right hand man” is the variable that pushes it over into “This movie might be kind of cool on the sly, but I’ll still have to pretend I hate it around my friends” territory.

Watch the official trailer for Drive Angry 3D below.

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J. Compton is a horror author whose stories have appeared in Pseudopod, Arkham Tales and other publications. He is co-creator of the BNC, and a generally cool dude.

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