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You Have the Right to Remain Cool

Irina Sheik, Dorismar, and the Funniest Movie Scenes From the Last Decade

Irina Sheik is hotter than anybody you have a shot with <Beatbythenudge>

Hot girls discussing masturbation. I’m listening <Comedy>

Dorismar is Argentina’s hottest soccer fan <TotalProSports>

7 most WTF origins of iconic pop culture franchises <Cracked>

Louis CK is hilarious and you should watch his new TV show <DJMick>

20 best Superman comic panels <Comicsalliance>

The 10 funniest movie scenes from the last 10 years <Manofest>

The 20 hottest vampires <Heavy>

9 filmmakers who should make a vampire movie <Egotv>

20 superheroes who are rad in red <Gunaxin>

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