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Top 10 Memorable Jumping Scenes in Movies

Sorry. I don't have Photoshop at work. This is the best I could do.

So I was watching the trailer for Tom Cruise’s new movie, Knight and Day, and I thought it looked pretty good. There’s a scene where he jumps across a building gap or something and hangs on with his bare hands. And then I thought “How easy it must be for me to jump across a building. Because Tom did it, and he’s like 5′-8″. I’m 6′-4″ I’ll give it a try”. When I finally woke up from my coma this morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about jumping. Must be due to the combination of pain meds and brain injury. Might be some subconscious thought of suicide to end my suffering. So here’s a list.

Honorable Mention:


I really couldn’t leave this off the list. And really, the only reason it’s thrown in an Honorable Mention category is because I couldn’t find the clip until I already thought of 10 other ones, so yeah…

10. Cliffhanger

You have to give it up for Stallone. I think he was already 75-years-old when he did this movie and he was in excellent shape and did his own death defying stunts. I also heard he really killed Leon in this movie over an argument about whether or not Leon really had a last name.

9. Reign of Fire

I remember the trailers made it look like this was McConaughey’s big moment and then in the movie I was like “What the hell? That’s on my top 10 embarrassing ways to die: getting completely devoured by some animal.”

8. The Fugitive

This is a classic scene. But I always thought, “Who the hell jumps head first into a dam?” I mean for a famous and talented doctor, that was pretty stupid.

7. Mission Impossible 3

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Tom Cruise appearance. He’s either running, jumping, or running and jumping in every movie. He could be playing the lead role in Stephen Hawking’s biopic and there would still be scenes of him dashing and leaping all over the place. We get it dude! You love Katie Holmes.

6. The Dark Knight

This scene set off the 2nd official trailer and it made me approximately one-million times more hype than the teaser did. And the teaser already had me practically overdosing on hype. So what I’m saying is, I’m pretty sure I’ve been dead since the Spring of 2008.

5. The Matrix

There are several memorable jumping scenes in The Matrix. The classic slow motion jump kick scene. The “jump program” scene. But for me, Trinity escaping the Agents at the beginning of the first movie, just set the action tone for rest of the movie.

4. The Bourne Ultimatum

Jason Bourne is the ultimate badass. I think he could take on Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris with a bottle of Fiji water.

3. Casino Royale

The opening chase scene lasted about 10 minutes and after it was over I couldn’t remember who had played James Bond previously, and I didn’t care. This was the James Bond movie I had been looking for. I know Parkour looks super cool and easy to do, but I’m sure a lot of people broke rib cages and house furniture trying to imitate what they saw.

2. Back to School

Rodney Dangerfield is the only person in history to make straight kids interested in and entertained by Olympic diving.

1. Die Hard

This is considered, by many, to be the greatest action movie of our generation. And this was a great scene. I always dreamed of having a similar situation happen at my school when I was younger. Not the whole terrorist take over, or the hostage taking, or the killing, and not even the rooftop explosion. Just the jumping part. But instead of jumping off the school building, I’d be jumping to dunk in a playground game of basketball. So yeah, I guess it’s not very similar at all. But it would’ve been cool to be the only kid to dunk in elementary school, right?

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  1. where is the Lethal Weapon Jump?

    Do you really wanna Jump?!
    Do you?
    Then let’s do it A**hole, I wanna do it I wanna jump


  2. Damn, good one. Can’t believe we overlooked that one. The look on Mel Gibson’s face when he says “Do you really wanna jump?!” is priceless. It looked like he actually lost his mind and ad-libbed everything that happened from that moment on…

  3. ah nice…didnt think about that could i forget was on the other day and i thought “My goodness, Mel’s hair was big!”


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