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Transformers 3 Will See a 100% Decrease In Boners

It seems, Megan Fox, will not be appearing in the next Transformers movie. And now I question whether or not I still wanna see it. Deadline has reported that Paramount has decided not to pick up Fox’s option for the 3rd movie and that, ultimately, it was Michael Bay’s decision.

Megan made some comments, publicly criticizing Bay as a director, and that is rumored to be behind his decision even though Megan’s reps deny it, saying it was her decision to leave the franchise. Yeah, I’m sure SHE chose not to participate in a million dollar sequel where she gets a big check to stand around in jean shorts all day and apply lip gloss. Either way, it’s disappointing. She was the only thing about the movie that geek fans would openly admit to jacking off to.

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