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Surprise! Duke Won At Basketball

I wasn’t watching the game because I was watching the 2 hour episode of 24, and boy did it kick ass. I don’t wana give anything away, but let’s just say Jack Bauer kills badguys and chokes a chick in this one. But anyway, while I was watching that, apparently Duke was pulling off a dramatic win defeating Butler 61-59.

Gordon Hayward threw up a buzzer beater that could’ve won the game for Butler, but it rolled off the front of the rim. So today, everyone is saying, “Man, if that shot would’ve went in, they would’ve won.” That type of comment will make me blow my brains out. That’s like saying, “If Chuck Norris would’ve fought better, Bruce Lee wouldn’t have broken his neck” or “If George Lucas had passed away in ’95, we wouldn’t have shitty prequels.” It happened people!!

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