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“Harry Brown” Red Band Trailer

I like to think I’m reasonably patriotic. I love my country. But a sensible man has to concede when he’s bested, and so I must concede that the Brits just make better revenge / vigilante / man-on-a-rampage pictures than us Yankees. Even if it’s not a British made flick, it’s better with a lead actor from the UK. Dead Man’s Shoes, The Limey, the original Get Carter. And now that we’ve mentioned the latter, it segues into a new Michael Caine movie – Harry Brown. Caine’s far removed from his days as Carter and is now better known for playing butler to a more famous vigilante these days, but for some reason I still buy him as a potentially murderous one-man-army. Check out the (pointlessly) red band trailer below.

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J. Compton is a horror author whose stories have appeared in Pseudopod, Arkham Tales and other publications. He is co-creator of the BNC, and a generally cool dude.

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