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You Have the Right to Remain Cool

“Takers” Poster – Where Do I Start?


This is the poster for the new movie, “Takers” about bank robbers who’s plan is foiled by a hardboiled detective. It certainly has alot of cool people in it, doing cool things like wearing suits and drinking martinis.  Chris Brown is in it. So there’s guaranteed to be some violence. Stringer Bell is in it so there’s guaranteed to be some cool dialogue. Michael Ealy is in it so there’s bound to be some make out scenes for the ladies. And Paul Walker and Hayden Christiensen are both in it, so there’s guaranteed to be some bad acting, which means comedy. I guess, all that there’s left to comment on is all the photoshopped heads and Hayden’s terrible outfit. I bet if he stands up you can see his socks. Ok. My work is done.

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Crush Grooves is a music producer and co-owner of the BNC. Also, he's tall.

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